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High Impact Tutoring After School

The HIT Program

Our High Impact Tutoring (HIT) after school program seeks to build upon the education children receive during school hours. Our teachers/tutors work with students in all subject areas, especially Math and Reading. Through one-on-one tutoring, our students are more likely to complete any homework assignments they might have or have their questions answered that they might be too shy to ask in a classroom setting.

We strive to give our students a long term love of learning. We know that sometimes a more personalized approach can reap many rewards when it comes to learning objectives. Our volunteers are trained to identify student needs and address them in an inspiring and friendly way.

All volunteers must complete the Safeguarding God's Children Training Program, which we provide for free.

Plenty of snacks are provided for the children (dinner portion).

The Tutoring Program takes place from 3:30pm-6:30pm Monday through Thursday.


Get to Know Us

Visit our volunteer page on our website to learn more about opportunities to serve. We strive to teach students a lifelong love of learning and seek to increase their work quality in class.

Make a Donation

Our secure PayPal account serves as a hub for our fundraising. Click the button or scan the QR code below to visit our account. We are always accepting donations and guarantee 100% of all donations go directly into the free services and resources we provide to those in need in the Community we serve.  Thank you!

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