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Creative HeARTS


Our unique and free arts program serves children during the critical "out of school time." We serve food and encourage learning in Art History, Painting, Music, Reading, Science, and more.


We often bring in local musicians and artists to inspire the children and showcase their talents. Many of our students try out instruments like the violin and saxophone. It's amazing to watch shy children open up when given a musical instrument.


While providing food, we have a Nutritionist educate the children on healthy eating choices and preparation of food as a type of art. We feed both body and mind through creative activities. Food insecurity is an issue we seek to help solve.

In the long term, we hope that the children gain a love of the Arts and Humanities that they can carry with them through life. We know that with passion they can achieve their dreams.

We do not allow any electronic devices in our program. Too often, out of school time is spent on electronic devices that do not teach or properly engage with a child.


Received the NEISD Superintendent Award for the Creative HeARTS Program. Our 3rd time to win the Award for our programs for the students at Serna Elementary School

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Christmas Decorations
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Art Projects


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Our secure PayPal account serves as a hub for our fundraising. Click the button or scan the QR code below to visit our account. We are always accepting donations and guarantee 100% of all donations go directly into the free services and resources we provide to those in need in the Community we serve.  Thank you!

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