Please consider donating to Barrington Neighbors. With your financial assistance, we are building relationships, improving lives and engaging our community.



Every dollar donated to Barrington Neighbors has a direct impact on the community we serve. Our generous donors understand the importance of bringing people together, fostering relationship, and connecting in real ways to our closest neighbors.
Donations are currently needed to support the following programs and initiatives and donations will be allocated as needed unless noted on the donation:
  • Listening Project
  • National Night Out Event
  • General Operating
  • Community Garden 

Donations may also be made by mailing a check made out to "Barrington Neighbors" to the following address:

Barrington Neighbors

c/o Church of Reconciliation

8900 Starcrest Dr.

San Antonio, TX 78217


SMCDC, also known at BARRINGTON NEIGHBORS, is a 501©(3) nonprofit corporation. Barrington Neighbors is charged with the task of Gauging community needs; Identifying and facilitating community and stakeholder participation in local programs, services, and activities; and, Promoting community improvement through the support, nurture, and healing of and by community members, enhancing the quality of life of everyone in the neighborhood.


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